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Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch: Today’s Lunar Date

Today is a special day according to the lunar calendar known as Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch. On May 2 2024 in the lunar calendar it is the 24th day of the third lunar month in the year of Giáp Thìn. This day falls under the Cốc Vũ period which is characterized by rainy weather. It is considered a propitious day known as Tư Mệnh Hoàng Đạo meaning it brings positive energy.

In the Vietnamese lunar calendar each day is associated with specific activities and energies. People pay attention to these dates to plan their daily tasks and activities accordingly. Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch is not only about knowing the date but also about understanding the auspicious and inauspicious aspects associated with it.

Discovering the Lunar Date for Today: May 2 2024

Today’s lunar date is May 2 2024 marked as Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch in Vietnamese. This date is significant because it provides insights into various aspects of life such as activities to pursue lucky and unlucky times and zodiac compatibility. In the lunar calendar each day has its unique characteristics based on the combination of celestial elements.

Understanding the lunar date allows people to align their actions with the prevailing energies. It guides them in making decisions about important matters such as starting new projects, going on trips or engaging in spiritual practices. By acknowledging Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch individuals can harness the positive influences and avoid potential pitfalls in their endeavors.

Do’s and Don’ts for Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch

On Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch there are certain activities that are considered auspicious and others that are best avoided. It’s essential to know these do’s and don’ts to make the most out of the day.

  • Do’s: It’s favorable to embark on journeys, engage in water-related activities like boating, initiate new projects, cultivate land and perform rituals to honor the kitchen gods. Activities like sewing clothes, setting up machinery, planting crops and digging wells are also encouraged. These actions align with the positive energy of the day and can bring about favorable outcomes.
  • Don’ts: On this day it’s best to refrain from burial or funeral activities. It’s believed that such actions may attract negative energy. It’s also advisable to avoid activities associated with significant changes or construction as they may not yield desired results. By adhering to these guidelines individuals can navigate Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch with greater harmony and avoid potential setbacks.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Stars for Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch

According to Vietnamese astrology certain stars influence the energy of Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch. Understanding these celestial influences can help individuals make informed decisions and plan their activities accordingly.

Auspicious Stars: Stars like Sinh Khí Thiên Quan and Nguyệt Không are considered auspicious for activities such as construction home improvement and setting up beds. These stars bring positive energy and facilitate progress in various endeavors. Additionally stars like Phúc Hậu and Thiên Ân are favorable for wealth-related matters and overall well-being.

Inauspicious Stars: On the other hand stars like Thiên Tặc and Hỏa Tai are considered unfavorable for certain activities. They may bring obstacles or challenges particularly in construction projects or house renovations. It’s essential to be mindful of these influences and avoid undertaking critical tasks during periods when these stars are dominant.

Lucky and Unlucky Times for Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch

Understanding the lucky and unlucky times on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch can help individuals plan their activities for the day more effectively.

Lucky Times: During the hours of Thân (3 AM – 5 AM) and Dần (3 PM – 5 PM) luck is on your side. These periods are ideal for various endeavors including business dealings, household chores and health-related matters. It’s a good time to embark on journeys or engage in activities that promote prosperity and well-being.

Unlucky Times: Beware of the hours of Dậu (5 PM – 7 PM) and Mão (5 AM – 7 AM) as they are considered less favorable. Avoid making important decisions or initiating new projects during these hours as they may lead to obstacles or unfavorable outcomes. It’s best to focus on maintaining stability and avoiding unnecessary risks during these periods.

Best Directions for Going Out on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch

Choosing the right direction when going out on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch can enhance your luck and ensure a smooth journey.

  • Favorable Directions: Heading east or southwest is recommended for positive outcomes. Traveling in these directions can attract auspicious energy and bring good luck. Whether you’re going on a trip or running errands choosing these directions can increase the likelihood of success and prosperity.
  • Avoidable Directions: It’s advisable to avoid traveling south on this day as it may bring about unfavorable circumstances. Additionally heading north should be done with caution as it may lead to delays or obstacles. By paying attention to these directional influences you can navigate Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch with greater ease and confidence.

Zodiac Compatibility for Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch

Understanding zodiac compatibility on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch can provide insights into interpersonal relationships and help individuals navigate interactions more harmoniously.

  • Compatible Zodiac Signs: If your zodiac sign is Ngọ Tuất or Hợi today is a favorable day for you. Interactions with people born under these signs are likely to be smooth and beneficial. Collaborations and partnerships with them can lead to positive outcomes and mutual understanding.
  • Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Those with the zodiac signs Giáp Thân Nhâm Thân Nhâm Tuất or Nhâm Thìn may encounter some challenges today. It’s important to approach interactions with people born under these signs with patience and understanding. Being mindful of potential conflicts and finding common ground can help mitigate any negative effects.

Activities to Avoid on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch

Knowing what activities to avoid on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch can prevent potential misfortune and ensure a day of safety and well-being.

  • Activities to Avoid: Today is not suitable for burial ceremonies. It’s best to postpone any plans related to burial or funerals to a more auspicious day. Engaging in such activities on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch may bring about negative energy or unfortunate consequences.
  • Alternative Activities: Instead of burial ceremonies focus on activities that promote growth, prosperity and positivity. Consider engaging in tasks like gardening, home improvement or spending quality time with loved ones. By avoiding unfavorable activities and embracing positive ones you can make the most of Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch.

Historical Events on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch

Exploring historical events that occurred on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch provides fascinating insights into the past and helps us understand the significance of this date.

May 2 1918: The first newspaper dedicated to women in Vietnam named Nữ giới chung was founded by Sương Nguyệt Ánh the daughter of poet Nguyễn Đình Chiểu. Although short-lived, it played a significant role in promoting women’s voices in Vietnamese society.

May 2 1946: The government decided to divide the outskirts of Hanoi into five districts: Lãng Bạc Đại La Đống Đa Đề Thám and Mê Linh. This administrative reorganization aimed to improve governance and facilitate local administration.

May 2 1982: Vietnamese writer Nguyên Hồng passed away in Nhã Nam Yên Thế district Bắc Giang province. His literary contributions left a lasting impact on Vietnamese literature inspiring generations of writers and readers alike.

How to Check the Lunar Calendar for Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch

Checking the lunar calendar for Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch is simple and can be done through various sources ensuring you stay informed about auspicious and inauspicious days.

  • Traditional Methods: You can consult printed lunar calendars available in newspapers, almanacs or online platforms. These calendars provide detailed information about the lunar date, zodiac signs and auspicious activities for each day.
  • Online Resources: Several websites and mobile applications offer lunar calendar functionalities allowing you to check the lunar date and related information conveniently. Simply input the desired date and you’ll receive comprehensive details about that day according to the lunar calendar.

By regularly checking the lunar calendar you can align your activities with auspicious days and avoid potential pitfalls ensuring a harmonious and successful life.

National and International Events on Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch: May 2 2024

On Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch various significant events occurred both nationally and internationally shaping history and influencing society.

  • May 2 1519: The versatile Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci passed away in France. His contributions to art science and engineering remain unparalleled leaving a lasting legacy in the history of humanity.
  • May 2 1945: The Soviet Red Army liberated Berlin, the capital of Germany, marking a crucial turning point in World War II and leading to the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany.
  • May 2 1967: The International Court of Justice held its first formal session in Stockholm Sweden to examine the war crimes committed by the United States in Vietnam. This trial shed light on the atrocities of the Vietnam War and the importance of international law in addressing conflicts.
  • May 2 1981: The first official alert about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was issued in London UK. This marked the beginning of global efforts to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic raising awareness about the disease and its prevention.


Understanding Hôm Nay Ngày Mấy Âm Lịch provides valuable insights into Vietnamese culture, history and astrology. By following the lunar calendar individuals can make informed decisions about various aspects of their lives from auspicious activities to avoiding potential pitfalls. Moreover, exploring historical events and significant happenings on this date enriches our knowledge of the past and its impact on the present. Whether it’s checking auspicious times for activities or learning about historical milestones, the lunar calendar offers a wealth of information for those seeking to navigate life’s journey with wisdom and foresight.


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