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Know everything about safe breeding from English dog breeders

The first thing that we’ve noticed in so many puppies dog breeders irresponsible breeding. We’ve also seen how breeders do inbreeding and mess up the breeding process. 

Make yourself educated about these safe breeding tips from expert dog breeders. Get to know the safest things about dog breeding. Please know that we’ll be talking about the safety measures before dog breeding, not explaining the breeding process. 

Now let’s start the discussion. 

Expert English dog breeders are here to say everything about safe breeding

Before we jump to the safety tips about dog breeding, let’s quickly hover over the consequences of poor breeding. 

Why can poor breeding be fatal?

Let’s first start with the results of a wrong breeding. Poor dog breeding can lead to these problems:

  • Blindness in puppies can occur
  • Heart problems can occur, and can take severe forms like fatigue or coughing problems. 
  • Sometimes epileptic problems can also take place
  • Research found inbreeding can lead to even cancers 

A responsible puppies dog breeder will know these outcomes, so will attempt breeding with caution.  Now it’s time we know more about safe dog breeding tips. 

Safe dog breeding tips 

These tips are great for safe dog breeding, so let’s read them in detail. 

  1. Check for the temperament 

The temperament of the dogs matters before they breed. So checking on the temperament before breeding is needed. 

If your dog has a major temperament change, then that’s not the right time. Sometimes dogs get into this because of so many lined-up reasons, such as a thyroid disorder or urinary issue. 

  1. Is the breed right for your dog?

Not every breed is right for your dog when you’re looking for a suitable stud. Dog breeds even have compatibility when it comes to breeding, so count on that. Before going for a professional breeder, always check if the dog breed is compatible. Compatibility also is related to DNA sequencing, which plays a major role in dog breeding. 

This is also called selective breeding. Even some research papers have also emphasized that selective breeding is a good thing, it leads to better diversity and changes in genetic variation. 

  1. Know the right age for breeding

If you talk with a responsible puppy’s dog breeder, you’ll get to know the right age of breeding. 

First, you need to go to a certified breeding institute and check on the right breeding age for your dog. Every dog has a right age for breeding, and there is no general age for breeding for all breeds. 

A responsible puppies dog breeder institute can be the right entity to inquire about the right age.

  1. Always provide certified foods

This is the fourth box for you to tick before breeding your dog. Now every dog needs healthy food, breeding or not. But the body of a dog needs to get ready before breeding, and this is where responsible breeding comes up. 

We can recommend a general guideline here to look up while feeding your dog. And that’s always looking for those food packets that are accredited by UK Pet Food. 

This is so because the organization always tests the dog food for microbiological presence, checks if the suppliers are following industry guidelines and looks out for quality. 

Please note that food for a pregnant dog and a dog before breeding are different, so you’ll need to make some good changes in their diet. 

  1. Talk with a licensed English dog breeder club

Do always consult reputed English dog breeders before you decide that your dog is suitable to breed. 

A licensed dog breeder will always inform you about smaller but significant details that you’ve forgotten, like vaccination time and checking the weight of the dog. 

  1. Try to avoid inbreeding

Inbreeding can bring up some problems in the puppies, and that has been widely talked about by responsible breeders. There was research done earlier, which said that dog inbreeding leads to reduced fitness in dogs. 

Sometimes inbreeding can cause poor litters to be born and also the puppies don’t survive for long. 

  1. Try interacting with dog breeders in flagship events

You can find some authentic and responsible English dog breeders in some flagship dog show events in the UK. Talking with these breeders will clear all of your doubts about the safe dog breeding of your English dogs. 

These events often have highly experienced people who’ll share with you the errors they made while breeding English dogs. 

  1. A DNA testing is needed

DNA testing instantly shows this by showing if the dog is affected or not. Affected means the dog’s DNA has certain components that are impacted by a genetic disorder. It’s only if your dog gets a clear certificate in DNA testing, that you can proceed or else, it’s a clear no. 


These tips will be a lifesaver for your dog before considering breeding. Safe breeding tips should be considered before anything; as irresponsible breeding can lead to fatal outcomes for dogs in later life. 

Always consult an English dog breeder to get the right tips at the right time, because dogs are precious gifts to us! 

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