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Luxury Car Rental in Casablanca: Requirements & Booking Process

Are you planning to rent luxury car in Casablanca and don’t know how to go about it? Casablanca features luxury and style in all aspects including cars. You can choose from top car brands to rent for a day, week or month in Casablanca. To access the best luxury cars for rent in Casablanca there are certain requirements and steps that you need to follow. Read on this article to know more. 

What are the Requirements to Rent a Luxury Car in Casablanca? 

Know about the mandatory requirements to rent a luxury car in Casablanca:

  • Driving License: A valid driving license with clear details about your permanent residential address, age and other information is the first requirement for luxury car rental in Casablanca. 
  • International Driving Permit: Along with a driving license international travelers must also produce an International Driving Permit or IDP. You need to apply for the IDP in your home country itself.   
  • ID Proof: ID proof is the mandatory requirement for all kinds of dealings. Car rental in Casablanca is not an exception in this regard. Be mindful to carry at least two important documents for identity verification whenever you are traveling to any country. 
  • Passport & Visa: Passport and visa are essential documents when planning any trip abroad. While renting any car in Casablanca or any other foreign place, a copy of your passport and visa is required.  
  • Credit Card: Having a credit card makes it easy to pay for the security deposit and other types of payments related to the car. Although most car rental companies accept cash as well, paying by credit card is a more feasible choice. 

What are the Steps to Follow for Luxury Car Rental in Casablanca? 

The following steps are to be followed to rent the best luxury car in Casablanca: 

  • Know Your Needs: The first step to begin with your rental car Morocco Casablanca  is to list out your preferences. In this way you will have a clear picture of the type of luxury car you would wish to rent. 
  • Set a Budget: The second step is to set a realistic budget. Luxury cars do cost more than regular economy cars but you can get an affordable deal by booking through the right way. Setting a budget offers a direction to your car rental search.   
  • Extensive Research: Once your budget and preferences are in place start your luxury car rental search. Looking for car rentals in Casablanca online is a more easy and convenient choice. Make sure to check out more than one seller before making the final decision.  
  • Confirm by Paying Deposit: After choosing your car according to your needs and budget, you need to confirm your booking by paying the deposit. Do also specify the pick up location while booking your ride. 


Renting a luxury car in Casablanca is all about style, comfort and sophistication. To access the best car deals in Casablanca or any part of Morocco check out OneClickDrive, your one stop destination for cars of varied categories and price ranges.  


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