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The Elegant Design in Diamonds: 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring With Halo

When it comes to making a large statement in jewellery and accessories, nothing does that more than a 3 carat oval diamond ring with halo. It is about making a purchase that shall not only turn out to be a lovely ornament on a neck or wrist but also shall be a download, a wise investment, an investment with style, class and longevity. If you, the man of the house, plan to propose to your girlfriend or wife or even if you wish to buy this beautiful piece of art as a self-indulgence, this guide will help you know all you need to know about it.


Introduction to 3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

Just imagine placing a ring on your finger which glows so well not only because of shining stones but also due to the class it possesses. It also is the beauty that comes with a 3 carat oval diamond ring that has a halo. This particular type of ring designs an enormous oval-cut central diamond, rounded by a halo setting and, thus, looks both traditional and innovative. It is the kind of piece that will always create interest and will be appreciated wherever it is located.


Why opt for a 3 Carat Oval Diamond

As simple as it may seem, the question that arises here is: Why opt for a 3 carat oval shaped diamond? It’s simple: and glamour which means large in size and bright in terms of shine. 3 Carat Diamond has considerable size, thus making it elegant and can attract everyone’s attention. This makes the surface area larger, thus making it look even bigger than the actual piece of jewellery it is supposed to be. Moreover, depending which side of the oval is viewed as the top, it can provide fingers with a more slender and refined look because of the lengthened form of the oval shape.


The use of Halo setting

What is more, what makes the halo setting uniquely different from other ordinary Christian teaching? A halo setting refers to arrangements of smaller diamonds in a circle around the centre diamond. This not only adds extra sparkle but also increases the overall brilliance and size of the ring, or so the mythology goes. The Halo effect enhances the sparkling of the central diamond and thus it is ideal for people who wish to see their centrepiece as big as possible.


Benefits of Oval Diamonds

Oval diamond cuts are special and have some advantages as compared to round cuts. It seems that they look bigger compared to round cut stones due to elongated shape, and cost less per carat than Circular Brilliant. The oval cut also presents one of the newer ways of cutting a diamond to complement the classic round shape, yet retain elements of both eras.


Knowledge of Diamond Cut and Clarity

The “balance”, or shape of a diamond has a great impact on the brilliance of the diamond. Having symmetry good proportions of an oval diamond will provide maximum brilliance. While the external appearance of the stone is concerned, clarity relates to the presence of inclusions or blemishes. It goes without saying that a higher clarity grade means that the diamond carries fewer imperfections, which is thoroughly important for a 3 carat diamond because its conspicuous inclusions will be more apparent.


The Metal Type for your ring

It is important to select the correct metal for the ring band as this enhances the appearance of the diamond ring. Popular options include:

  • Platinum: Durable and hypoallergenic.
  • White Gold: Dissimilar to platinum but cheaper in price.
  • Yellow Gold: This gives a traditional appearance to the building and warms up its surfaces.
  • Rose Gold: Enhances the romantic feel of the movie and gives the scenery a retro flair.

There are lead, coppertone, brushed nickel, and many more; each type of metal offers its own advantages and looks great, depending on what you’d like.


Customization Options

One advantage of ordering the 3 carat oval diamond ring with halo is that it can be created in a way that best suits your taste. The diamond cut, clarity and colour, the metal type, and the style of jewel can be selected according to the preference of the buyer. Other enhancements such as engravings of some kind can also make your ring more unique and when wearing it you will feel good knowing that you have an item that is unique to you.


Measures to Maintain your Diamond Ring

To keep your diamond ring looking its best:To enable your diamond ring maintain a good look:

  • Regular Cleaning: Cleaning your fish tank is another important step you should not neglect it but if you have to clean it then make sure you clean it using a mild non–harsh solution.
  • Safe Storage: Put it in a small bag, preferably a soft bag or any other separate compartment.
  • Professional Check-ups: This is because it is very important to take your ring to a jeweller at least once a year to confirm if the settings have become loose or if any diamond from the ring has chipped off.


Trends in Diamond Rings

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring current trends in diamond rings:New and current trends in diamond rings should help one to be hunting as the next move:

  • Vintage Styles: Aesthetic styles with close fen details.
  • Colored Stones: A cool twist of creative addition by incorporating a little colour with gemstones.
  • Stackable Rings: Several rings in one fashion that makes it fashionable for many.



There’s much that can be said about a 3 carat oval shaped diamond ring set in a halo and all those words would describe it as a symbol of refinement and elegance. Be it for engagement, an anniversary or just a special occasion, this ring is one to behold and most definitely anyone who receives it will be over the moon! Be sure to look at everything from the carat weight of the gem to the setting style of the band. Also do not forget to take proper care of the ring so that it stays brilliant and eye catching for as long as possible.


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